What Others say about Me


“Gratefully, Katrin has been my coach and mentor for many years. Her passion to see me and my horses succeed has given me the courage to keep going when things are tough. As a naturally talented coach her ability to be patient and persistent means that both myself and my horses end our lessons on a high and feel like we have achieved something.”
“Where to begin. There is so much I am grateful for. Katrin has a unique ability to not only see exactly how to correct my balance in the saddle but also to explain it in a way that I can understand and feel the difference. It's the little analogies that I can take away with me and continually work on my position in between my lessons. The more balanced I become, the better my horse feels. And the better my horse feels, the stronger he can become and it's beginning to feel like a real partnership. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank-you!!”
“I love working with Katrin, whether in Pilates classes, or horse riding lessons, I always come away with some new knowledge, concepts or reminders on how important our body posture and engagement; both in the saddle and for more general fitness / wellness. Katrin while being a fantastic coach, is also ever the student of the horse herself. I think being someone always willing to learn and looking to progress is very inspiring and brings more knowledge to us as students. And most importantly, Katrin teaches with kindness and care for the horse’s wellbeing as paramount. Creating an environment where the horse and rider is set up to succeed sometimes the next step just happens when you least expect it!"
“I’ve done Pilates for many years with many different instructors, but Katrin’s classes are definitely the best. Her technical knowledge is next level and the way she explains each exercise and keeps an eye on you means you get the absolute most out of every class. The friendly tone of the classes, Katrin’s sense of humour and the difference it makes to your rider fitness makes it super easy to stay motivated to attend every class”.
“Finding someone to put a bit of work into your horse can be a difficult decision. There’s lots of “cowboys” out there who can do more harm than good. I had a young horse I had bred, mostly started self and due to time had not got much further with him. He’s a sensitive type so I was hesitant to who I wanted him to go to. I contacted Katrin and she kindly took him on for me. The horse I picked up felt like a new ride! She put a lot of time into groundwork as well as ridden and I couldn’t thank her enough for how she helped us both out. He had grown in his confidence and had a much more solid foundation for me to continue on with. She looked after him like one of her own while he was with her and offered a lot of helpful advice on things to help me keep moving forward with his education. I don’t think I’d send a horse to anyone else now. Barry and myself will be forever grateful. Thanks, Katrin!”