My Philosophy

What horses mean to me

I have always had a big love and passion for horses. However, I have only come to living and working with them a bit later in life, after moving to Australia. Horses to me are incredibly beautiful and astoundingly tolerant animals. I am amazed every day about how hard they are prepared to work for us. I work with horses as well as people to try to find a way that makes it easy and enjoyable for both Equine and human to work together as true partners.

In my mind, the picture of a perfect combination shows a horse and rider moving together as one. Just like two highly skilled ballet dancers in a beautiful Pas de Deux. In order to achieve this picture of lightness and grace, we require two things. A strong, balanced horse that responds to the softest of cues. And a stable, internally strong rider who is able to embrace the momentum of a powerful moving animal and apply their aids so efficiently that they are nearly invisible.

Horse Dressage training
Dressage training: Shoulder In

So the foundation or the ‘core’ of this partnership is

a well-trained horse along with a well-trained rider!

Horse Training in Round yard

When working with my horse, I want it to be beneficial for his mind and body. My priority is that he is able to stay relaxed in his work. The way I can achieve this is by making sure that I am clear and consistent in the way I communicate with him and that I only challenge him as much as he is prepared to go at the given moment in time. I want to help them use his body correctly and develop the correct muscular strength so he stays happy and healthy.

It is equally important for me as a rider to constantly work on myself.  I want to ensure that I use my body language in a way which makes it easy for my horse to pick up on my cues. I also don’t want to hinder him in performing the movements I ask him to perform, especially when it comes to Dressage.

In my opinion we owe it to our horses to constantly work on ourselves. To look in the mirror and take responsibility for our own weaknesses before we address the ones in the horse.

Making a difference

Making a difference to riders and their horses is the most rewarding aspect of my work.

If I can give a rider the tools they need to communicate better and move in harmony with their horse and thereby help the both of them to form a true partnership so they can dance together beautifully, that fills me with great joy and happiness!