About Me

My name is Katrin Kuenstler and I welcome you to my website!

I am a Riding coach, Dressage rider and Horse trainer as well as a Pilates instructor.

Born in Germany, I got the “horsey bug” at an early age like many other little girls. That’s when I started riding lessons in a typical German riding school. Here I received quite a comprehensive riding education.

I started ballet classes when I was a little girl, later followed by music and acting tutoring. Throughout my studies and professional career in the performing arts, I continued to ride. During that time, I was able to work with horses of varying sizes, breeds and colours.

After migrating to Australia in 2008 I was lucky to turn my second big passion – the passion for horses and riding – into a profession.

Together with my wonderful husband, I live in the Perth Hills suburb of Gidgegannup with our two horses and two dogs.

From here I operate my business, servicing the Perth Hills and Swan Valley as well as occasionally travelling for clinics. Besides private riding position lessons and Dressage coaching, I offer clinics and horse training. Furthermore, I hold individual and group Pilates sessions and have an online Pilates program.

While there are Pilates instructors who are riders and Equestrian coaches who work on rider position, I combine the attributes of both areas, being a Riding coach and Pilates trainer.

Dressage is my passion. After unfortunately losing my talented Oldenburger mare Fuerstenglanz in 2018, I now feel privileged to be sharing my training and competition journey with my young GRP x WB Top Gun. I started Top Gun under saddle myself and am currently slowly bringing him up, always ensuring that he has the time he needs to develop, both mentally and physically, so he can keep enjoying what he does.