Online Pilates

Online Pilates Videos for everyone at anytime

I am a certified Pilates instructor. My classes designed for riders and non-riders contain Pilates exercises on the ground that transfer to work in the saddle. They will, however, be equally beneficial for people who don’t ride.

When I was only 6 years old, I started dancing , so I’ve worked with my body from a young age. I have always found Pilates to be beneficial in my own riding as a suppling and strengthening exercise.

Pilates targets a range of small, barely noticeable muscle groups. By working these little stabilising muscles that sit very close to our skeleton instead of the big outer muscle groups we are able to build our core strength and stability. Pilates improves the body in ways that are most helpful to maintain a stable and balanced, yet supple position in everyday life as well as in the saddle.

I have created a series of online Pilates videos, for you to watch and do the exercises with me. You can do so in the convenience of your own home or wherever you might be and whenever you would like to.

The exercises are suitable for everybody. There is no previous experience required. 

While I am focusing on some of the muscle groups which are particularly important for us as riders, these exercises will be beneficial for everyone – Equestrian or not!

The videos are grouped into different categories concentrating on different muscle groups. Each group contains different levels of difficulty.

I have kept the videos relatively short so you can choose if you want to just do a quick abdominal reset of do a full workout by combining two or three videos at your leisure.

A free trial for 7 days is on offer if you would like to see if you like my videos.

To have a look at the trailer, click on the link below to check it out: